Recent times have forced a great number of new challenges across businesses of all types and within all sectors, the drastic shift to remote working and the radical change in the makeup of most business in particular has brought one key technology principle of the day sharply into focus – the Cloud…

Cloud means many things to many people and is often an over or even misused term, but Cloud based networking infrastructure, now more than ever, must become the norm. Whilst some sectors have embraced Cloud wholeheartedly, its adoption has lagged behind in traditionally more complex or security conscious environments. In reality Cloud technology addresses precisely those two primary concerns.

In the cases of remote working, of the redeployment of staff, of rapid delivery of new services to new locations, Cloud excels. It provides the scale, redundancy and rapidity that modern organisations aspire to whilst still retaining the inherent security required to deploy such solutions with confidence.

Take a wireless service for example. Wireless technology today is a seemingly never-ending procession of ever evolving standards, client types and functional requirements. In a traditional, controller-based environment, development can be slow, it requires downtime and hardware can relatively quickly become obsolete.

In a Cloud environment these frustrations disappear. Instead multiple benefits are:

  • development is continuous, seamless and ever-present
  • updates, functional additions and bug fixes are added at a frantic pace and without any service interruption whatsoever.
  • a microservices based architecture enables constant parallel development providing customers with a more functional, more malleable platform.
  • development and integration with third party products also becomes far more achievable in this design, as does bespoke integration based on specific customer needs and requirements.

The power of the Cloud

NETconnection’s key technology partner in this space, Extreme Networks, provides the only 3rd generation Cloud platform in the industry today.

Currently deployed all across the globe, the Extreme Cloud sees 6 Petabytes of data each and every day. That’s equivalent to roughly 160 years of HD video content. It maintains a reliability standard of 11 9’s – which equates to the loss or corruption of a data file roughly once every 500,000 years.  It is indefinitely scalable, monitoring 50 million different client connections every day as well as 4 billion management events, and on the 16th April 2020 the Extreme Cloud was officially 100% available for the full preceding calendar year.

These numbers in isolation would not necessarily resonate with the typical enterprise. However, if we start to leverage the power of Cloud technology to analyse those 50 million clients, to understand those 4 billion management events, and to apply AI and ML to that data, then the power of the Cloud becomes very tangible indeed. We now have the technology, for example, to understand the behavior of a wireless access point that is likely to fail, to predict that failure based on the many millions of AP’s being monitored and to proactively alert, remediate or simply replace that component – all before it’s failed. We can also gain huge amounts of insight into the client types we see on our networks, how they roam, which are the problem clients, what percentage of wireless clients are 2×2 or 4×4 MIMO for example. This type of information will undoubtedly help any given enterprise to make better buying decisions not only applicable to wireless infrastructure but to corporate devices as well. By maintaining this huge data lake of 6TB, the insight that can be derived from the Cloud platform becomes almost immeasurable.

Pathway to the Cloud

On premise solutions will continue to have their place for years to come but we as a business are now ensuring that such solutions have a clear and manageable migration path to the Cloud. Our aim is to wherever possible intersperse Cloud-based functionality with traditional on-premise technology to offer our customers the unprecedented scale and unmatched insight that only a Cloud deployment can provide.

Just as Cloud-based applications have now become the norm for the majority of enterprises, cloud networking must now follow suit…

To find out how NETconnection can help your business develop a manageable migration path to the Cloud, please contact us.