Private Sector

Digital transformation is occurring in the private sector.

In most industries, thought leading companies are using digital technologies such as cloud computing, mobile & social to create new ways of meeting customer requirements.

However, this is certainly not the norm and every organisation can optimise digital value.

To do this, enterprises must promote IT agility and operational effectiveness; then use digital technologies to differentiate their strategy through new products, services, processes and new business models.

NETconnection have successfully assisted organisations within the private sector maximise their digital value including:

  • Private Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional/Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Service Provider

We work with organisations to determine exactly where they are on their digital transformation journey, then apply our leading services and technical solutions that result in:


  • Simplification and automation of processes, resulting in faster time to market and leaner operations.
  • Workforce efficiency and innovation, promoting better productivity and workforce retention.
  • Personalized customer experiences, promoting loyalty and providing deeper customer insight and knowledge.