Public Sector

The UK Public Sector is facing tremendous challenges in an environment which demands ever greater efficiency gains in an age of digital transformation.


The public sector is increasingly being asked to do more with less. Furthermore, capital budgets are being squeezed requiring alternative, more efficient ways to procure IT solutions and services.

Aging Infrastructure:

In the UK, the public sector is still heavily reliant on older IT infrastructure, which can significantly hamper the ability of staff to deliver the high-level of service that we have come to expect.

The Skills Gap:

Technology is evolving quickly and a skills gap exists between systems that are currently being supported and what is required to drive digital transformation effectively


To digitally enable the business of government requires security to protect data – be it personal identity or patient records on premise or in the cloud.

Solutions for the Public Sector

NETconnection has extensive experience in working with the public sector and through the use of technical solutions that utilise real time analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation combined with leading services and procurement models help to address these challenges and have done so successfully within the following sectors

  • Healthcare
  • Local Government
  • Education
  • Blue Light
  • Central Government
  • Defence

NETconnection offers procurement compliance through a range of frameworks including the following and access to many more:

  • RM3808 Network Services 2
  • JISC Network Equipment
  • CCS RM1557.11: G-Cloud
  • CCS RM3804 Technology Services 2
  • CCS RM1045: Network Services (Legacy)
Customer Data

Through our ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certifications, NETconnection ensure the secure management of our customers data.