Managed Service

Today managing your ICT infrastructure and environment is difficult, its a constant challenge to keep on top of it all so staff and customers can communicate and operate seamlessly.

Free up your IT team

Relinquish the day to day stresses of managing your network and devices to NETconnection enabling you to focus on the strategic areas of the business.

We offer a professional and comprehensive portfolio of managed services providing you with the flexibility to select which level of managed services you require. Whether its full service so NETconnection manage the entire network and report to you if there are any issues and then resolve them, or you may only want part of your infrastructure managed. It is your choice.

We will work closely with you to discover your needs ensuring that we create a managed service offering for your requirements with distinct SLA’s in the agreement.

Monitoring your IT environment

At NETconnection we have the latest advanced analytics and management tools that enable us to monitor your network and IT environment 24/7, 365 days a year. We have constant visibility of your infrastructure so we can identify if there are any abnormalities. If there are, we can report them to you and resolve them immediately so they don’t affect your business, and you can continue working in a seamless environment.

Our objective to ensure that you have 100% high availability and minimal disruptions in the workplace identifying issues before they become a problem.

Access to the latest innovations

Utilising our managed services you can have access to the latest applications and technology without having to invest in the hardware on site and also without having to recruit or skill up existing employees. This enables you to save costs yet at the same time stay ahead of the competition in terms of using the latest innovations.

Growing with you

Our team of experts will continue to work closely with you to understand your business and requirements, ensuring that we are achieving what we have set out to achieve, and evolving with your business and your needs. Our flexible approach means that you can scale up or scale back your managed services offering and do whatever suits you most appropriately for you needs.

We will continue to develop your technology roadmap ensuring you benefit from the latest innovations.