The Internet of Things (IoT) is convenient, but it also presents considerable cyber security risks.

New devices need new security solutions in order to protect against data breaches and other cyber attacks, a layered approach to security is required including:

Access Control

Centralised authentication, control and visibility around access to IT Services


Of data in transit between devices and at rest

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, and other big data techniques to analyse data related to IoT security breaches

API Security

That allows for the authentication and authorization of the movement of data between devices, applications, and systems


The use of optimised operating procedures and the implementation of software tools that automate reporting that satisfy audit requirements

There’s no single security solution that will work for all devices in all environments; a combination of technical solutions and services will need to be implemented to make the IoT, and its users, as safe from data breaches as possible.

NETconnection security solutions are driven by an understanding of human behaviour and intent.

Our innovative technology, decades of experience and vision help solve security issues to protect employees and business data.

We offer a systems-oriented approach to insider threat detection and analyticscloud-based user and application protectionnext-gen network protectiondata security and systems visibility.

Our Cyber Essentials and ISO27001 certifications ensure that our leading solutions are matched by our internal process and behaviour, ensuring that our customers data is safe and secure.